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For The Love Of The Job

Why do we do the job? Most people in the industry have horror stories, most have great stories and some have amazing stories. For me it was simple I wanted to help people, After serving in the British Army I wanted to continue to help people and make sure that they were safe, so my journey in the security industry began.

Although I had my own ideas of what the industry was like, I was not prepared for what I would experience throughout my 30 years in the industry. Treatment of security personnel has at times been horrific, and they way security personnel have treated others leaves lot to be desired.

So who is to blame? For the most part security companies stand behind their training courses and certification, and are okay when they say we are the best in the industry.

Well I am sorry to disappoint you but you are far from the best, for example and not naming names I was called in for a meeting to work for a security company and was asked to meet at their office in a local shopping mall. Arriving at the shopping mall I approached the security desk and was met by a young man, in what I can only assume was his workout gear, who asked me my name handed me a white plastic bag along with the instructions to meet the supervisor on the site the following evening at 19:00 hrs.

So the following evening I arrived at the site at 18:30 hrs, early yes but I was always told if you are 15 minutes early then you are already late.

To my surprise I was met by the same young man again in his workout gear, he asked why I was not in uniform? to which I responded well the uniform in the bag did not fit me, but then nobody had ever asked for my measurements. He then proceeded to tell me that I would be covering the site from 19:00 until 07:00 and he would speak to me throughout the week.

Much to say I was blown away by the lack of professionalism and the lack of communication, and even the lack of basic human skills of intelligence. So I stayed on the site as I am not one to let people down. Over the next few days I tried to contact the supervisor on the number that I had received, not any surprise but could not have a conversation with the supervisor, as he would not pick up the phone.

Needless to say there was some major issues with everything about this company, and unfortunately this is not the only company that has issues.

What these companies fail to understand is that without the boots on the ground you do not have a contract, without the boots on the ground you would not be at home with your family. You need the boots on the ground more than you think so maybe its about time you started looking after your people better? maybe its time you started to understand your people better? or finally maybe you should treat your people with the respect that they deserve, and stop treating and thinking of them as just somebody in a uniform that makes you money.

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