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So It Begins

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Finally the day is here, the license has been acquired, the first round of uniforms are in place, and the website is complete.

H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICE. INC. Is ready for the market place, After almost 30 years in the industry it is time for a change. No longer is it acceptable for security guards to be sleeping on duty. No longer is it acceptable for security guards to assault the patrons that visit your establishment. No longer is it acceptable for security guards to arrive for work dressed however they choose.

At H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICES. INC. We take pride in all that we do, no matter if that is the construction site or the VIP detail. All H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICES. INC. Specialists will adhere to strict uniform guidelines at all times, specialists will adhere to any and all codes of conduct at all times no matter what the contract is.

With the employment of highly skilled and experienced staff H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICES. INC. Aims to offer the client not only something different, but something better. Heard that all before ? Yes we all have the big difference is after multiple years working for other companies we had the ability to research the practices of those companies, and make the necessary changes to make H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICES. INC. A company to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

As a family owned business all of our specialists will become part of our family, not just the team that works with us but also their families, and the organizations that support our Veterans and First Responders. H.F.H. SECURITY SERVICES. INC. Is ready for the challenge ahead, and looking forward to seeing and making changes.

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