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Why Are You Paying For Sleep?

Why is it that there are so many clients out there paying for security guards to sleep? No wonder people are frustrated with paying for security

You may think that you have a really great deal with your security company. You found a company that could offer you guards for your business at a super low price. So now you think you have saved money for your business - but have you?

Let's just say that you have a million dollar business that you have spent most of your life building from the ground up. You are having problems with people breaking into your site and doing what bad guys do best.

So you look for a security company and have quotes from various companies, and you decide to go for the cheapest, believing that you are still getting value for money.

That is when your problems start. You may have found a company with a really low price but what are you paying for? Your security staff are almost definitely getting minimum wage while the company you hired are still making their money.

The guard or guards that are protecting your site are unhappy. Why? Because the pay is so bad.

They are sleeping. Why? Because they have no interest in doing the job well.

They are just doing the bare minimum to earn a lousy paycheck.

So let's imagine for a second you don't go for the least expensive security company. Instead you choose one that values its workforce and pays them according to experience and skill level. Now you have a security guard that is engaged and really enjoys his job and feels valued!

He knows that the company he is working for is interested in training him so he can move up the ladder within the company. He knows he is going to get respect and praise from his client because his reports are in-depth. He always gets to work early, he is very professional and polite, and he has a great knowledge of not only his job but of the site he is protecting.

Are you starting to question your decision yet?

Think about this; if you own a Ferrari and you need it to be serviced, would you go to a backyard mechanic? I know that sounds like a bad idea so why would you make the same type of decision with your security company?

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